Branson Missouri – Riding the Ducks

Picture of Duck, Branson Missouri

Riding the Ducks in Branson Missouri Riding the Ducks is an entertaining outing worth checking out while visiting Branson, Missouri. The ride on the Ducks, an amphibious vehicle lasts approximately an hour and a half. During the outing you will be taken through Branson while the Captain of the vehicle entertains the crowd by including them … Read more


5 Things to do in Bryan College Station

Things to do in Bryan College Station Read more


A Day trip-Anahuac

Saturday – July 8, 2017 Today we decided we were going to take the motorhome out for a ride. We have not used it much this year and it is best if you run/drive it periodically when it is not being used regularly.  This is what we have heard anyway. We needed a getaway so it worked out … Read more


Why a blog?

I have read several blogs from people with their travel and hobbies posted, but this is probably going to be a little more personnal to me.  I still have ideas floating around in my head and I am trying to put it all together and figure out what look and content  I want for the … Read more


Here we go!

 I am new to this so I will just start out with the basics. My name is Michelle and I just turned 54 yesterday. I am starting this the keep track of our travels and maybe some of the hobbies I am interested in. I am still not sure exactly which way I want to … Read more

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