The majority of our travel in a Class C Coachmen Concord RV

Just Where Did November Go?

November I cannot believe it is already the end of November!  This month went by so fast and was so busy it just seems like a blur.  With so much going on this month, I am looking forward to December and the first of the year 2018. We had planned a trip in the motorhome … Read more


A Day trip-Anahuac

Saturday – July 8, 2017 Today we decided we were going to take the motorhome out for a ride. We have not used it much this year and it is best if you run/drive it periodically when it is not being used regularly.  This is what we have heard anyway. We needed a getaway so it worked out … Read more


Grand Canyon-California trip continued

The next morning we got up and headed to the Grand Canyon. Where we stayed in Val Verde it was about an hour from Williams Arizona.  Williams is where you turn off to go to Grand Canyon.  The terrain was strange to me. We went up and down steep grades all I-17 then the 50 … Read more


Back to Work-After the 4th and remembering last years trip to California

It is always so hard for me to go back to work after any amount of time off. I think if I worked 7 days a week with no days off I could handle that better than taking a few extra days with a holiday weekend. I was off for 4 days.  Didn’t really accomplish … Read more


How did we get here 2013/2014

In 2013 is when we actually started feeling the bite of the RV bug. I began reading several blogs and at the time I thought WOW if I could just sell everything and get away. In September of 2013 we went to the RV show in Dallas Texas. I think at the time it was … Read more


Why a blog?

I have read several blogs from people with their travel and hobbies posted, but this is probably going to be a little more personnal to me.  I still have ideas floating around in my head and I am trying to put it all together and figure out what look and content  I want for the … Read more

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