A visit to Sour Lake, Texas

Sour Lake, Texas Today I visited a small town in East Texas called Sour Lake. In order to get there on time, I ended up having to leave very early and could not resist pulling over long enough to take this picture of the beautiful sunrise. For work I am sometimes required to travel throughout … Read more


Hurricane Harvey From Inside Houston

Houston Flood 2017 Pic

    What a week! In my last post I spoke about preparing for storms before they come in.  You can view here.  I had no idea what Hurricane Harvey was about to unleash on the city and state where I have lived all my life. In the past week my emotions have run the … Read more


Another Gulf Coast Hurricane – Harvey

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey I have lived on the Texas Gulf Coast my entire life. I should be used to the hype and hysteria promoted when a tropical cyclone is developing in the Gulf. However, I am not. I pay very close attention to the weather reports and damage predictions. Today we are faced with yet another … Read more


Galveston Island Tree Sculpture Self Guided Tour


GALVESTON TREE SCULPTURES Before the Hurricane IKE zeroed in on Galveston Bay in 2008, beautiful towering live oak trees canopied the streets of Galveston everywhere. One of the hurricanes many casualties were thousands of these old magnificent beauties.   Many were uprooted by the wind.  Others just could not overcome the damage the sand and salt water from the tidal surge inflicted.  It is believed the Island lost … Read more


Weekend Getaway-Galveston State Park

Sunset Galveston Bay

Hector and I have been saying to each other that we are not using the motorhome enough. Work and family responsibilities sometimes takes over and we have found, just like anything else, if you do not make the time it will not happen. We made a commitment to start making smaller weekend getaways and this … Read more


Mystery Shopping to Supplement Income


Have you ever wondered if there really is possible to make money Mystery Shopping? It is an option, if you want to make additional income on the side either stationary or while traveling. First, it needs to be stressed, you should never pay to mystery shop. When searching "Mystery Shopper" many ads come up offering you the "secrets … Read more


Setting up a Website, decisions, decisions, decisions

Setting up a website One thing that has surprised me since starting this is the response I have received from friends, family and co workers that I have shown the website to. Many have asked: “how did you do that” and “Will you show me”. So even though I am a new at this I am going … Read more


What is a Camp host and what do they do?

Expenses can be high while traveling in an RV exploring the country. There are various ways to supplement your income and reduce costs along the way. One such opportunity is to work camp along the way. Campgrounds offer positions as a Camp Host. A camp host position at a for-profit campground will complete duties around … Read more


Working out the glitches and fine tuning the website

Sunday 7/16/2017 The weekend is pretty much over and I spent a good portion of it working on the blog. I had a problem with the theme I purchase, but the problem was really me. I was unable to download the documentation for it at first. Once I logged back into the account with a … Read more


Trying to Learn How to Blog!

Friday, 07/15/2017 I have wanted to have a website and a blog for a while now.  It looks like this may become one of those hobbies I mentioned. That is if I can figure it out! I have been working on the blog a lot this past week. I am still trying to make it mine so … Read more

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