Michelle and Hector

Michelle and Hector

Hi!  Thank you for dropping by. We are Hector and Michelle. We are part of the baby boomers generation and are quickly approaching retirement eligibility age from the companies we have worked at for over 36 years.

After purchasing a Class C Concord Motorhome, we began taking a series of several vacations, weekend getaways and day trips.

We have enjoyed ourselves so much, we want to share these great experiences with you. In hopes that you too will want to see this great country up close and personal like us.

We will be sharing information on destinations, activities available, places to stay and the trips we take.

We will also be sharing budgeting information and ways to supplement income with the different work camping opportunities and side jobs that are out there.

I will be talking about a few hobbies I am interested in just because I love trying new things and keeping up with the ones I have already learned; we can help each other.  Photography, blogging and embroidery are a few a want to really delve into.  I crochet but only in spurts and learning is something I love to do.

I hope you will “ride” along on this journey with us as we transition into retirement, enjoy this magnificent country and all the blessings it has to offer, and a have a laugh or two with  us.

Feedback and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

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