Just Where Did November Go?


I cannot believe it is already the end of November!  This month went by so fast and was so busy it just seems like a blur.  With so much going on this month, I am looking forward to December and the first of the year 2018.

We had planned a trip in the motorhome to Galveston State Park. I made the reservations several months ago, and was even able to get a spot on the Beach side.

Hector and I both took the week of Veterans Day for vacation.  However the reservations were not until Sunday. Galveston had their big yearly Motorcycle Rally event that weekend so we knew there would be nothing for the weekend anywhere, motorhome or not.

Change In Plans

Saturday before we were going to leave my brother was admitted to Huntsville hospital and he was Oreobeing transferred to Conroe Regional. It looked like they were going to do open heart surgery on him so we ended up cancelling the trip. I spent the majority of my vacation week running back and forth from home to Conroe several times that week.

He did not end up having the surgery because other health issues he has made it to dangerous. However, at one point I did bring his dog here with us. Oreo is a big dog and can be a handful. My brother loves him and was worried about him being by himself at home. So we had a house guest for a few days!

My Brother was sent home after several days and is trying to follow doctors’ orders.  He will still eventually need the surgery but for now it is a no go.

Motorhome Repairs

MotorhomeInstead of going on the trip, we took the MH to the shop for some needed repairs. We had planned on taking it once we returned from Galveston. We have had a small leak, or what we thought was a small leak in the front around the cab. Hurricane Harvey made the leak much worse than we realized and there was major damage to the roof area.

We have had the MH for three years and we have not kept up with the roof maintenance that should have been done. So this is no one’s fault but our own.

The entire roof needs to be replaced. There were a few soft spots in the wood and cracks in the membrane (not sure if that is the proper word). Once the guy removed the air conditioner we also found out it was also leaking and had other problems.

We are going ahead with the repair and once it is completed the entire top will be new. He is replacing the all the wood, the vents and skylights and other fixtures up there along with the air conditioner.  I can assure you we will be learning the proper way to care for the roof so we do not have this major expense again.

Although the repair shop said it would take at least a month to repair we are assuming it will be closer to two, if not three months before we will be able to use it again. If we get it back sooner we will be happy but I would rather prepare myself for a longer period of time just in case.

Camera and Photography

Nikon D750I have mentioned in the past that one of the things I want to learn is photography. I want to learn how to take better pictures. Seeing all the beautiful landscape pictures on the web makes me want to learn to be able to do that.

One of the goals we have when we retire is to take our time and see as many of the National Parks as we can. Hopefully we will be able to get to all 59 of them. They are so beautiful and I hope to be able to capture some of the beauty in pictures.

Before I realized the Motorhome was going to need major repairs we splurged and got a new DSLR camera. I purchased the Nikon D750.  Once I got it home I started realizing what a big learning curve I am going to have with this.

I know this is a lot of camera at kind of a steep price, especially for a novice like me. However, I will not buy another one anytime soon.  I wanted as much camera as I could get without buying a professional one.  I wanted something I could grow into. So here I grow, come grow with me.

Some of the features that attracted me to the D750 are its Wi-Fi ability, the tilt screen, double cards, the 24 mega pixels. I checked in Facebook groups asking about the camera to get a feel of what others opinion of the D750 was.   Most of the comments I received confirmed my decision to go with the Nikon D750.

The Nikon D850 has been announced recently and is coming out soon. The D850 does have some nice enhancements over the D750 such as 45 mega pixels versus the D750 at 24.  But at this time and my knowledge level at time of purchase, the price point of the D850 at this time is more than I am willing to invest.

I normally do not purchase and extended warranty on most items. I did on this purchase because it will cover if it is dropped or gets wet, two things that are always a possibility. And the price of the camera also played a part in purchasing the warranty.

When purchasing any big ticket item I always ask if they can go down on the price. Even though they were not able to go down on the price as it was already on sale, after asking he threw in a few extra items; a 32g card, an additional battery, and the Insigna Advanced Camera Accessory kit. I would not have received those if I had not asked. I also asked if he could throw in a tripod. He couldn’t include it as part of the bundle but he did give me an additional 25% off the price.  It never hurts to ask. The answer may not be what you want to hear, but if they really want to make the sale they may have extras you are not aware of.

Where to start?

Once I got the camera home the first thing I did was unpack the box. The camera box includes the camera body and the AF-S Nikkia 24-120mm lens, a neck strap and a battery along with the charger. Included in the box also was the Nikon D750 User’s Manual and a disk with Nikon ViewNX2.

We also had a Nikon camera lens that we found several years ago lying in the park. It is a Nikon DX AF-S Nikkia 18-55mm, 1:3.5-5.6G.

I had to wait for the battery to get a good charge before I could even turn it on. While I was waiting I thumbed through the user’s manual. I also created an account at NikonUsa.com and registered both the camera body and the lens. I also downloaded the user’s manual to my smart phone so I can get to it easily.

First things first

Once the battery had a good charge, I installed it, the SD Card and attached the neck strap. After turning it on it prompted me to set the language, time zone and time.

By searching Nikon D750 on YouTube I found a really good tutorial from Northrop photography. The tutorial was almost an hour and a half long but the content was great. After watching the tutorial, I am no longer intimidated by the camera and all of its buttons. I know I will not remember all of it but I was able to take enough from it that I set out to take some pictures the next day at Clear Lake City Park, just outside of Nassau Bay Texas.

Clear Lake City ParkClear Lake City Park - Sunset


 Kemah Boardwalk

Kemah Ferris WheelWe did go one Sunday this month to the Kemah Boardwalk. I have a more in-depth post on the attraction coming up and will update this with the link when ready.  We went to take pictures.  We took my daughter and grand daughter; Hector is the rider on all of the rides because I have never been good at rides and now I can not take them at all anymore.

I was able to use the camera and get a few shots with it.

We spent Thanksgiving at home with the kids. Hector took the turkey to a friend’s house who cooks them in a propane operated cooker. I only had to get the sides together so the cooking was not too much. I hope your Thanksgiving was full of good food and making great memories with family.

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  1. I can’t wait to see the photos with your new camera. I have one I need to practice with–it just intimidates me for some reason. My Iphone is more familiar, but I need to just get the good one out and use it! Safe travels to you!

  2. Elaine Orosco says:

    I miss you guys so much!! We are so close but yet so far away!! I haven’t seen Kailee since she was about a year and a half. I guess next time I see her will be at her graduation. How’s my Richie Rich? He’s such a pleasure to spend time with. How is Sam doing? I miss seeing you two communicate in person. Reminds me of me and Jessica.
    Love You All

    • Michelle says:

      I miss you too Elaine! Everyone is doing well. I have tried to call a few times but I think it is normally too early. We will have to get together for lunch.

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