5 Things to do in Bryan College Station


Things to do when visiting Bryan College Station, Texas

Picture of Scenery

The Bryan College Station area is approximately 100 mile from Houston. I have made this trip to The Bryan-College Station many times. Most times these trips were for work and I was there and gone quickly with no time to explore the area.

Since I knew my upcoming assignment in the Bryan/College Station area was only going to last a couple days. I decided since I was going to be staying in the area I would check out a few of the well-known attractions. With only two evening to explore I had to really whittle my list down of the places I could actually visit, but will list a few that I would like to go back and see.

Drive Scenery

I enjoyed the drive up there and since my co-worker was driving, I was able to just enjoy the scenery through the countryside.  Once you get out of Houston and the surrounding Metropolitan area the scenery changes quite quickly.  The Houston Area is known for the flatness of the terrain.  While the trip up to College Station is the beginning of the Texas Hill Country.  The thick tree lined roads are quite relaxing and peaceful.  There are many small towns on the way, and I know there is a lot of gems of history worth finding out about.

College Station

The Bryan College Station area is home of Texas A&M and it does not take long to realize and see the pride that resonates in the residents and students here. Located in Brazos County, Texas, the two connected cities have a combined population of over 200,000.

Bonfire Memorial

I visited the Texas A&M Bonfire Memorial. In 1999, a 90 year tradition ended. The bonfire was completed every year since 1906, except 1963, the year President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The bonfire tradition was part of the rivalry and pride felt by Texas A&M Aggies in their desire to win the upcoming football game with the Longhorns from the University of Texas.

The memorial is a celebration and memorialization for the 12 young lives that perished and the 27 who were injured and their lives were changed forever in the bonfire collapse. . The design of the memorial has three distinct areas:

1. Tradition Plaza which serves as the entrance to the memorial and has a wall that has a poem engraved into it.

2. History walk is a long walk with granite blocks each that symbolizing each year the bonfire was completed.

3. Spirit ring is comprised of 27 granite blocks in a circle, one for each person injured. Situated in the circle of blocks are 12 portals, one for each of the victims who passed away. The portals have a bronze plaque with the likeness of each person. They are place in the circle so that their plaque is facing in the direction of where their home is.

Bryan College Station - Bonfire Memorial Bryan College Station Bonfire Memorial

After reading the material that is available about the memorial I am quite impressed at the thought and work that went into the design. The entire area of the memorial is picturesque with the thick green grass surrounding it and even though there are a lot of things going on all around on the campus and the busy streets that surround it, there is a peacefulness felt while there. The memorial is quite large and it did leave me quite somber after being there.

George Bush Presidential Library

Picture Presidentail LibraryThe George Bush Presidential Library is located on the campus of Texas A&M. The price of admission was $9 dollars but I finally got to use my AARP discount and saved $2 dollars on the admission cost. I enjoyed the visit and I remember a lot of the history that was there and lived through it such as Desert Storm. There is an actual piece of the Berlin Wall on display in the museum and a special section about President George Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush’s personal life. There are pictures of their wedding and even a replica of the Situation Room in the White House. I found a lot of the displays very interesting and learned a few things I was unaware of. I will be putting any Presidential Libraries that are in the vicinities of our travels on my lists of things to do in the future.

Picture Replica of the Oval OfficePic Part of Berlin Wall

Downtown Bryan

Downtown Bryan has many old style hometown buildings that are being renovated and being made into a Cultural District. There are many different types of shops, including antiques shops and places to eat. The town is an old railroad town with the air of yesteryear. The recently renovated Queen Theatre and other area venues provide events throughout the year. There is a farmers market there I would like to visit if ever in the area on a weekend.

While there, I was able to visit the Murals on W. 31st. The Murals were painted to serve as an artistic representation of both the Past and Present of Bryan.


Santa’s Wonderland

Located just outside of College Station is Santa’s Wonderland. Although seasonal, only being open from mid-October through December each year, it is a great way to experience a festive Texas Christmas season. The venue offers hayrides through the brightly lit holiday decorated trail or choose a Clydesdale horse drawn carriage rides.

The venue has a food village that boasts of freshly made “Texas sized portions” of nostalgic foods, such as BBQ, Pizza or if you have a sweet tooth perhaps a Funnel Cake or Fudge. There is a large shopping area, a Winery, live music and Santa, Mrs. Claus and even Frosty the Snowman make nightly appearances.

Blue Bell Creamery Tour

About 40 miles west of the Bryan/College Station area is the home of Texas’s own Blue Bell Ice Cream. The Blue Bell Creameries opened in 1907. You can take a tour of the machinery used to make and package the ice cream, or visit their store to shop for unique Blue Bell souvenirs or collectables. And of course enjoy a scoop of the best ice cream ever.

Upcoming Travel Plans

We have an upcoming trip to Branson Missouri in a few weeks. We will be driving and staying in a condo for 7 days. I hope to work on my picture taking skills and have some really great shots for you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, I’ll guess we will have to revisit Bryan/ College station.I haven’t been there since college and a I remember is a very handsome cadet and the Dixie Chicken.l! Thank you, I’ll put it on my list!!

  2. Shutterbug Sage says:

    I’m on a quest to see all 13 Presidential Libraries and Museums. Sadly, when I was driving to/from Houston last June, I just couldn’t quite fit in a trip to this one. Next time, for sure! Thanks for featuring it! 🙂

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