A visit to Sour Lake, Texas

Sour Lake, Texas

Sunrise 09/14/2017 I-10 East Texas-Sour Lake

Today I visited a small town in East Texas called Sour Lake. In order to get there on time, I ended up having to leave very early and could not resist pulling over long enough to take this picture of the beautiful sunrise.Lamppost Sour Lake Texas

For work I am sometimes required to travel throughout our District to correct issues that come up with the network and/or computers.

There are small little towns all over this country. If you look deeper many have a great story to tell.

I like to look up the area and find out the history, especially when they are small, older and appear to have a rich history like Sour Lake.

These little towns with their old solid and strongly constructed buildings all lined up on Main Street can be found over and over again in different areas.   I love the look of them.

Sour Lake is about a two hour drive east of Houston, located on State Highway 105 in Hardin County. It is located just outside of the Big Thicket National Preserve. The 2010 census showed a population of 1800 people in this small town. In addition, Sour Lake has the distinction of having the biggest sinkhole in Texas.

According to the Texas State Historical Association, Sour Lake was originally named Sour Lake Springs.  The area was settled in 1835. However the original Indian population used the mineral oils in the area long before then. The discovery of oil by the Texas Co. in 1902, propelled the town into a boomtown of sorts, and Texaco was born. Oil is still produced in this area.

Sour Lake MuralThe mineral oil of the springs also helped this town back in its heydays.  The town became somewhat of an early health resort and it is said Sam Houston himself visited for this very reason.

There area was hit hard in the recent flooding on the Texas Gulf Coast.  The devastation was evident by the possessions of homeowners piled up in heaps on the sides of the roads; something that has become all too commonplace in so many different areas.

One difference I did notice in this town is its efforts to keeps its history alive. There are large murals painted on the sides of the buildings telling the stories of some of its history.  See additional Murals of Sour Lake.

All in all, It was a nice peaceful drive there.  I always enjoy when these types of assignments come up and I have to go to an area I have not been before for a small day trip.

Mural Sour Lake TexasPost Office Sour Lake Texas








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  1. Elaine Orosco says:

    Would love to go to Camp Creek, which is close to Franklin! My daddy was born there. My grandparents are at a cemetery called Frank James. Hmmm wonder if any relations to Jesse James. Wish I could travel with you, but I know I’m not allowed in the company vehicle. Miss you!!

  2. Michelle says:

    I have not heard of Camp Creek. I think I may have to look it up. Franklin is another town with a lot of character. I have had a few occasions when i have had to go through there.

  3. Taryn says:

    I love to learn about the history of small-town America. It’s a glimpse into the past when visiting historic main streets and seeing the rich architectural styles of some of these places. There are many all over this country and in some parts, they are just as bustling as ever. I wonder why the lake is called Sour Lake? Is there a smell to nearby water?

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