Galveston Island Tree Sculpture Self Guided Tour

Dalmatian Galveston SculptureGALVESTON TREE SCULPTURES

Before the Hurricane IKE zeroed in on Galveston Bay in 2008, beautiful towering live oak trees canopied the streets of Galveston everywhere.

One of the hurricanes many casualties were thousands of these old magnificent beauties.   Many were uprooted by the wind.  Others just could not overcome the damage the sand and salt water from the tidal surge inflicted.  It is believed the Island lost an estimated 35,000 trees during this time.

Adding to the devastation of this is the fact that many of these trees planted after the great Hurricane of 1900 where over 6000 people lost their lives.  The trees were a part of Galveston’s rich history.   Many residents attempted to save the trees on their property.

Through the efforts of local artists Earl Jones, Dayle Lewis and Jim Phillips, local residents and the Galveston Island Tree Conservancy, many of the trees have been repurposed as works of art.  These sculptures, sprinkled around the landscape of mainly in the East End Historic District, serve as a reminder of the resiliency  of Galveston Island and its residents.  And speaks volumes of this Island’s ability to turn misfortune and hardship into success and achievement.

The tour of the different sculptures is self guided.  Some of the sculptures are on private property however they are viewable by the general public.  Although many of the sculpture’s can be seen while driving, walking will be the best way to see these works of arts up close.

You may even see a new work of art in progress while taking the tour.


Map Galveston Tree Sculptures

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  1. Julie says:

    Thanks for sharing this. We’ll be in the Galveston area in Feb, and I’ll definitely check these sculptures out.

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