Weekend Getaway-Galveston State Park

Sunset Galveston Bay

Sunset Galveston Bay

Hector and I have been saying to each other that we are not using the motorhome enough. Work and family responsibilities sometimes takes over and we have found, just like anything else, if you do not make the time it will not happen. We made a commitment to start making smaller weekend getaways and this weekend we made a trip to the Galveston State Park.


We have visited a few of the Texas State Parks but have never stayed in one of their campgrounds. I made a reservation a couple of months back to stay at the Galveston State Park for the weekend to try it out.

In the past when we have visited the Galveston State Park we only visited the beach for the day. It is really nice as you can park in the parks parking lot which is really close to the beach, and walk over the walkway to the beach. The cost of parking is included in the $5 admission per person fee. This is much less than parking fees on other beaches in the area.

Park Pass

Texas State Parks offers a park pass for 70.00 a year. We have had one for the past 3 years. At first the price of the passPark Pass Picture seemed expensive. However, the cost of admission to the parks is $5 per person per day. The pass will cover the cost of admission to the park for everyone in your vehicle. To us that alone is worth the outlay for the pass, as we always try to visit any State Parks that are close to where we are staying.

In addition, since we were camping, by updating and agreeing to purchase the pass for an additional year, the pass included four coupons for $10 off a second night of camping.

This one trip without the pass would have been $30 for admission for three days and $40 for the two days of camping. Instead we did not incur any admission fees and with one of the coupons we only paid $30 for the camping fees. One additional trip should recoup the cost of the pass and we will be saving after that. It appears it is like any other savings program; you have to use it to realize the savings.


The Galveston State Park Campground is split into two different distinct areas, the beachside and the bayside sites. We stayed on the bay side and our site backed directly up to the Coma Lake. The site had water and electric connections but no sewer. However, there is a dump station on the way out. The restrooms were very clean and had air condition, (thank goodness). The area is clean and quiet. The bayside has several hiking trails and Kayaking trails.

We would have normally gone to the beach or hiked one or two of the trails, but we didn’t this trip because of the heat. We were under a heat advisory, and the heat was stifling. Even sitting outside under the canopy was difficult.

I have never seen one but there were two white butterflies hanging around the campsite. They were pretty. I also watched a lot of pelicans and other birds out on the water.  Even with the heat, it is still great to getaway and enjoy the peacefulness.


One of the perks of social media is being able to reconnect with friends you have lost touch with. This weekend, I was able to see an ole friend from school, who moved away almost 40 years ago.

After several failed attempts to meet up over the past year or so, we were finally able to make it happen this weekend. She and her husband have recently purchased a motorhome. The State Park was full and they ended up staying at another RV campground. Friday night we met up with them at their site and they fixed up some really good food. One of the many things they made was some bacon wrapped jalapenos. I intend on trying to make them. They were delicious!

Another friend from school who lives down in Galveston also stopped by. It was wonderful to see them both and I really enjoyed being able to catch up with them.


Saturday we pretty much stayed around the campsite. My daughter and grandbaby came by for a few hours and later my son also joined us for a bit. I did choose the one of the hottest weekends of the year to plan this. We were under a Heat Advisory and it was really stifling. It was hard to stay outside most of the day. Even inside was pretty warm with the A.C. running.

We did take a drive later in the day on Saturday, just to take in some of the sites. The tire pressure monitor had notified that one of the tires needed air and we took care of that also.


Sunday morning we just lazed around dragging our feet. Check out time was not until 2pm but we normally leave early to get home. For some reason I just really did not feel like it. We finally got moving and took off around 11 am or so.

On the drive home, we had an incident in the truck. We do not tow yet so one of us drives the motorhome, normally Hector, and I normally drive the car or the truck.


Picture Blowout

Blow Out

I did notice the monitor with the warning saying we needed air in the same tire we put it in the day before. I should have pulled off right then. Hector noticed the tire going flat and called me to tell me to pull off the freeway. Right after exiting, the tire blew. Luckily, I was not going fast, and it was the back tire so I was able to bring it to a stop without any problem. However, the damage was done. The tire shredded.

We were on the feeder road of the I-45 but the speed limit is still 50 miles an hour. Cars were passing us really fast and waiting until the last minute to get over. We put the caution triangles out. They were life savers. I highly recommend getting them. We placed them behind the motorhome, spaced out and it helped make sure the traffic realized we were stopped. I was born with an extra helping of the nervous gene. Having the triangles in place really made me feel better.

I am so thankful it was not just me out on the road and this did not happen on the freeway. It took quite a while to change the tire and we were soaked from the because of the heat. He did get the tire changed and we were on our way.

All in all, the trip was a success. We enjoyed the State Park and we will probably be looking at staying at more in the near future. We are going to have to complete some maintenance on the motorhome in the near future. I hope we can put it off until the heat lets up a little first.

What do you prefer a State Park or an RV Park?

As always any comments and suggestions are welcomed and greatly appreciated!



  1. Max says:

    My family and I do a lot of bush camping here in BC Canada, but if we had a park near us with those prices we would definitely go! Sounds like you had a wonderful time (except for the blow out).

  2. Michelle says:

    I believe we will be going to try a few more of the State Parks here in Texas. They are much more reasonably priced than the RV parks around here.

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