What is a Camp host and what do they do?

Help Wanted Sign- Camp HostExpenses can be high while traveling in an RV exploring the country. There are various ways to supplement your income and reduce costs along the way. One such opportunity is to work camp along the way. Campgrounds offer positions as a Camp Host.

A camp host position at a for-profit campground will complete duties around the campground for a free site and possibly free electricity for committing to a set number of work hours per week. While at other campgrounds the camp host positions will not only include the site for free, but the campground will also pay for a set number of hours worked. The terms will vary depending on the individual campground, the position offered and what you are willing to accept as payment.

Every campground will have their own list of duties they will expect to be done. You will be representing their business and may be assigned many different responsibilities. However, most will probably involve some if not all of these; housekeeping duties; greeting customers or checking them in; collect monies; lite maintenance and grounds keeper; and customer safety. Customer service skills will be required.

Many of these locations are in some of the most beautiful regions of the country. Many people accept these positions and use their spare time to explore the area.

Before accepting a camp host position ensures the deal you are making is reasonable for both you and the campground. Complete the math. If both you and your spouse must work 20 hours a week, which would be 160 hours for a month, and the site would cost you $600 a month, you are basically working for $3.75 an hour. There may be a temporary agency in the area you could get a more equitable deal. These positions can be found at www.camphost.org, www.workamper.com, www.workampingjobs.com.


There are also camp host positions available at State Parks, National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, and other Public lands. These positions are considered a volunteer position. You will normally have a free site and utilities, may receive reimbursement for propane and possibly a very small payment for volunteering. For the National Parks you will also receive a National Park visitors pass for the year. Most of these volunteer positions require a three month commitment. These positions will also have varied duties depending on where they are. However they will probably include helping the park staff and being the eyes and ears of the campground. You may be responsible for ensuring campground fees are collected. You will be helping visitors with their questions and notifying the park staff of any emergencies that may arise. To find these positions in the area you are interested in visit www.volunteer.gov.


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