Working out the glitches and fine tuning the website

Sunday 7/16/2017

The weekend is pretty much over and I spent a good portion of it working on the website. I had a problem with the theme I purchase, but the problem was really me. I was unable to download the documentation for it at first. Once I logged back into the account with a different device (IPAD). I was able to download the PDF file. Instructions can really come in handy at times!

I set up the front page with the slider and a few videos.  I was also able to downloaded a plugin for Social Media Sharing on the posts and configured the settings.  I have to say I am actually kind of proud of it. Next item on the list is to understand how to get a subscribe button on the front page. I read a little bit about it today and even tried to set up the account. I am really flying blind on this but when I figure something out it really makes me feel accomplished.

I talked to a friend I went to school with and have not seen in probably 35 years last night via messenger and we are planning on getting together during our upcoming trip to Galveston State Park next month. It will be great to see an old friend.

I also downloaded a few books on blogging so hopefully that will help me get more focused. I have to say so far I am enjoying this. I invited a few people to look at it and give me a bit of feedback. I hope some of the people who are viewing it will also put some feedback in the comments.





  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice. Setup is a lot of work!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I really like what you’ve got going on here.

  3. Carlos says:

    Like what you’ve done.

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